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Title Collaborators
Making digi-trials a reality for cancer Simon Leedham, Brian Nicholson, Eva Morris
Using online platforms to empower patient driven research Mark Middleton
New statistical tools for the topological data analysis of tumour tissue Helen Byrne, Heather Harrington, Chris Pugh, Ulrike Tillmann
In silico simulation of the tumour-host interaction Francesca Buffa, Tim Elliott, Mark Coles, Hashem Koohy, Eamonn Gaffney, Philip Maini
Applying morpho-molecular pathology Simon Leedham, Jens Rittscher, Clare Verrill, Daniel Royston
Assessing risk of cancer using GP patient records Brian Nicholson, Karthik Ramasamy, Constantinos Koshiaris, Kassim Javaid
Factors determining ovarian cancer risk Ahmed Ahmed, Hagan Bayley, Sarah Blagden
Early intervention trials Sarah Blagden, Simon Leedham, Xin Lu
Remodelling the tissue immune microenvironment (TIME) during tumour development Simon Leedham, Simon Buczacki, Kim Midwood, Audrey Gérard
Optimising TIME for radiotherapy response Richard Bryant, Eileen Parkes, Ian Mills
Comprehensive characterisation of shared immune mechanisms in organ-specific checkpoint induced and spontaneous autoinflammation Ben Fairfax, Fiona Powrie, Holm Uhlig, Simon Leedham
Determining the molecular basis for the relationship between IT efficacy and toxicity Ben Fairfax, Mark Middleton, Benoît Van den Eynde, Adrian Hill, Paresh Vyas, Ronjon Chakreverty
Reducing systemic dose whilst enhancing efficacy Robert Carlisle, Constantin Coussios, David Kerr
Identification of cancer epitope targets Tim Elliott, David Church, Andrew McMichael, Ricardo Fernandes, Nicola Ternette, Hashem Koohy, Michael Dustin, Paresh Vyas, Ahmed Ahmed
Determination of the relative importance of T-cell intrinsic and extrinsic factors in immune escape Oliver Brain, David Church, Ben Fairfax, Paul Klenerman, Fiona Powrie
Activation of tumour infiltrating B cells Rachael Bashford-Rogers, Shivan Sivakumar, Persephone Borrow
Understanding prostate cancer progression Clare Verrill, Jens Rittscher, Ian Mills, Victoria Woodcock, Richard Bryant, Alastair Lamb, Freddie Hamdy
Development of multi-cancer tests and studying early cancer biology Daniel Anthony, Brian Nicholson, Anna Schuh, Nicola Sibson
Choosing the right diagnostic test to improve the patient experience Fergus Gleeson, Julia Hippisley-Cox, Richard Hobbs, David Hunter, Gillian Reeves
Polygenic risk scores Freddie Hamdy, Jenny Taylor, David Hunter
Optimising cancer detection and diagnosis in primary care Julia Hippisley-Cox
The Million Women Study Gillian Reeves
Application of topological data analysis to clinical trials Xin Lu, Helen Byrne, Heather Harrington
Developing intelligent image-based predictors of GI & lung cancer risk Barbara Braden, James East, Fergus Gleeson, Nick Maynard, Alison Noble, Jens Rittscher
Integrating molecular diagnostics to predict progression from monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) to myeloma and intercept & treat individuals at highest risk Udo Oppermann, Karthik Ramasamy, Anna Schuh, Chris Schofield
Universal consent at the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) Translational Gastroenterology Unit Simon Leedham, Xin Lu, Jens Rittscher