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Representing the voices of cancer research across Oxford, Oxford Cancer is committed to open and transparent communication with its members and our governance structure reflects this.

Woman looking at a test tube

The Oxford Cancer Committees include representation from across the full breadth of activity in Oxford. We strive to ensure that the voice of each area of cancer research is represented in our committee structures. In turn, those representatives are not only charged with being ambassadors for their area of expertise but also for the Oxford Cancer network, bringing in more members and expanding the reach of our network.

Through its governance, Oxford Cancer coordinates new initiatives and provides the forum for consensus-building about the overall strategic direction for Oxford, providing a framework in which the individual aims and ambitions of the various constituent parts of the Oxford Cancer network can thrive while being united for maximum impact.

Chair: Dr Bruno Holthof

Remit: To bring together senior leadership from across the partnership to ensure that a coordinated approach is taken to the strategic development of cancer research, and Oxford’s leadership role for cancer in the UK and internationally.

Committee Members:

  • Professor Keith Channon
  • Professor Freddie Hamdy
  • Professor Xin Lu
  • Mr Nick Maynard
  • Professor Helen McShane
  • Professor Mark Middleton
  • Mr Chris Price
  • Ms Sara Randall
  • Dr Chandi Ratnatunga
  • Mr David Scott
  • Professor Gavin Screaton
  • Professor Amato Giaccia

Co-Directors: Professor Mark Middleton & Professor Tim Elliott

Remit: To determine the strategic direction of Oxford Cancer and to monitor its progress.

Committee Members:

  • Professor Chris Holmes
  • Professor Yvonne Jones
  • Professor Paul Klenerman
  • Professor Tim Maughan
  • Professor Jordan Raff
  • Professor Paresh Vyas
  • Professor Simon Leedham

Chair: Professor Adrian Harris

Deputy Chair: Professor Chris Schofield

Remit: To integrate different perspectives and activities from across the cancer research community in a forum which can advise on implications to the Oxford Cancer strategy. The committee is also responsible for overseeing the distribution of the Development Fund scheme and coordinating networking activities for Oxford Cancer.

Committee Members:

  • Professor Adrian Harris
  • Dr Dragana Ahel
  • Professor Ahmed Ahmed
  • Dr Richard Bryant
  • Dr Francesca Buffa
  • Professor Robert Carlisle
  • Dr Deborah Goberdhan
  • Dr Eric O’Neill
  • Professor Francis Szele
  • Professor Paresh Vyas
  • Prof Chris Scofield
  • Prof Nick Lakin
  • Prof David Dodwell
  • Prof Natalia Gromak