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The collective force of cancer research, outreach and care that happens across the city of Oxford.

Oxford Cancer is a city-wide network and partnership between Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust based on the University’s Translational Biomedical Research Campus.

It harnesses Oxford’s world-leading cancer research from across disciplines, with the core aim of facilitating collaboration to ensure rapid translation from scientific discovery to treatments for patients.

Oxford Cancer currently comprises over 900 members from around 90 different Departments, Units, Institutes of the University, as well as the NHS Trust who invest over £55m each year into translational cancer research.

Oxford Cancer is an inclusive network of organisations in Oxford for whom cancer research is a priority focus. We support and connect people working across a range of disciplines and aim to facilitate research collaboration on a local, national and international scale to speed up translation from scientific discovery to treatments in patients.

Our Mission

To enable and combine the best research and clinical resources in order to innovate cancer treatment and care world-wide. 

We aim to do this through discovery, collaboration and education – and empowered by strategic leadership and world-leading facilities.


Our Values

Empowering: We aspire to give everybody in Oxford the tools to advance and translate their discoveries in cancer science. 

Coordinated: Through a city-wide cancer strategy, we facilitate collaborations between researchers across many disciplines, from across Oxford and beyond. 

Innovative: Oxford is at the forefront of delivering better care for cancer patients through world leading cancer research. 

Collaborative: We aim to place those impacted by cancer at the heart of all decision making, conducting research informed by the lived experiences of people with cancer. 

Inclusive: We achieve the greatest research output by ensuring input from as diverse and inclusive a community as possible.