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Group meetings

Come and hear about cancer research projects, ask the researcher questions, help improve study design, and help researchers understand the impact of their work for people affected by cancer. 

Research priorities

Get involved with workshops that allow you to talk about what matters most to people affected by cancer and agree a list of priorities for research to focus on.

Lay summaries

Get involved in reviewing summaries of cancer research projects, to help researchers explain their work so that it can be understood by people who are not experts.

Committee membership

Become part of a committee and offer the perspectives of someone affected by cancer. This might be a committee for a research study or one that helps the team at Oxford Cancer.

Hearing from our researchers

Find out more about cancer research and the amazing scientific research that takes place in Oxford.

Grant applications

Help researchers apply for funding for their research by making a contribution to the application process and becoming a co-applicant.

Conference presentations

Join us at conferences to talk about your experience, talk about why research matters and share the work we do at Oxford Cancer.