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Researcher looking closely at a blood sample in a tube

At the Molecular Diagnostic Centre we offer Oxford-based clinicians and researchers a range of services related to sample processing, next generation sequencing (NGS – whole genome or panel based), and end-to-end bioinformatics to ensure researchers can get the most out of their data. Our goal is the delivery of better quality, consistent, and more powerful data analysis, contributing to significant changes in clinical practice and patient treatment of disease.

Our specialism and expertise lie in the handling of liquid biopsies, and the sequencing of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) using state-of-the-art technologies and bioinformatics.

These services are open to anyone working at the University of Oxford or Oxford University Hospitals. See below to see the services related to sample handling, sequencing, bioinformatics where to help you get the most out of your data.


Our sample handling is quality assured and our expertise can take you fresh sample from start to finish. We have the knowledge to process and extract your samples at an iso-accredited level. Our processes can entail:

  • Sample preparation: Blood, Plasma, FF, FFPE tissue samples
  • DNA Extraction
  • RNA Extraction
  • Quality Assurance

The facility has expertise in preparing samples for Standard whole genome sequencing and for custom-made tailored panels:

  • PCR and PCR-free
  • Low input PCR-free whole genome sequencing of ctDNA
  • Long-read sequencing

The facility has close partnerships with suppliers in the design of panels for Targeted Sequencing:

  • Amplicon based
  • CappSeq
  • Methylation assays

We offer help with methodology, panel design, development and testing also available. We have state-of-the-art technology for high quality preparations such as Automated Liquid Handler / NGS Star (Hamilton). We work at isoaccredited standards.

OMDC have access to the latest sequencing technologies such as

  • Nanopore
  • Illumina
    • NextSeq
    • MiSeq
    • iSeq

The Bioinformaticians in the team have expertise in handling NGS sequencing data and analysis and interpretation.  Their expertise is in creating pipelines for processing raw data and interpretation. This includes:

  • Whole genome sequencing analysis of leukaemia, lymphomas and solid tumours
  • Tailored pipelines for ctDNA analysis:
    • error corrected sequencing,
    • comprehensive WGS, panel, germline, tumour, tumour normal subtractions
  • Pipeline for SNVs, copy number, abnormality, structural variants, genomic complexity detection
  • Dedicated methods for ctDNA analysis that incorporate error correction and increased sensitivity on liquid biopsies
  • Cloud-based platforms to share raw data and secondary files, BAMS, VCF as required
  • Assistance with variant interpretation
  • Reporting to clinical grade standard and specified turn-around times at additional cost.