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The latest news, stories and exciting findings from across the Oxford cancer research community

University's RadCam library highlighted in yellow

AI reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease

Artificial Intelligence has helped scientists reveal a new form of aggressive prostate cancer which could revolutionise how the disease is diagnosed and treated in the future.

OCION Funding Scheme: In conversation with Alistair Easton

The mission of the Oxford Cancer Immuno-Oncology Network (OCION) Funding Scheme is to pump-prime innovative Oxford-based immuno-oncology research and build capacity in cancer immunology. We sat down with 2023 awardee, Alistair Easton, to discuss what research the fund will enable him to carry out.

CRUK funding success for Audrey Gérard

Audrey Gérard has received £ 1.5 million in funding from CRUK for a new research project to unravel the coevolving cancer and immune landscape.

New study provides framework for optimising the design of antibody therapeutics

New research has uncovered how antibodies trigger immune receptors in T cells. This breakthrough provides an improved framework for designing therapeutic antibodies, which could be used in new and better therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Crowd-sourcing approach assesses current methods for improved automated detection and boundary mapping of colorectal cancer precursors

A computer vision challenge was set to objectively quantify the generalisability of polyp detection and mapping algorithms, and challenge participants to innovate novel methods.

World Cancer Day: Oxford University professors on the record with their contribution to the fight against cancer

Principal Investigators at the University talk candidly about their work and how they’re helping the fight against cancer.

AI-based method provides insights for predicting colorectal cancer outcomes

The largest multiparameter immunoprofiling study in cancer to date has suggested an underappreciated role of a subset of immune cells in determining the risk of bowel cancer relapse after surgery.

Study assesses long-term risk of invasive breast cancer after pre-invasive disease

Women who are diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) outside the NHS breast screening programme are around four times as likely to develop invasive breast cancer and to die from breast cancer than women in the general population, finds new study published by The BMJ.

First patient recruited to MILI trial

Oxford’s first precision prevention cancer trial in people with Li Fraumeni Syndrome has opened to recruitment

OCION Funding Scheme: In conversation with Kim Midwood

The mission of the Oxford Cancer Immuno-Oncology Network (OCION) Funding Scheme is to pump-prime innovative Oxford-based immuno-oncology research and build capacity in cancer immunology. We sat down with 2023 awardee, Kim Midwood, to discuss what research the fund will enable her to carry out.

Challenges for colorectal cancer risk stratification in people with IBD using histology

A team of pathologists were unable to validate a histology-based assessment of cancer risk in people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Oxford Centre for Early Cancer Detection Symposium 2023 – a recap

On Tuesday 5th December, the Oxford early cancer detection community gathered at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford to hear some highlights from OxCODE’s research in the past year and to discuss ideas for future projects.

Oxford University Hospitals launches new mRNA cancer vaccine trial for patients with head and neck cancers

The first patient in Oxfordshire has been treated in an mRNA cancer vaccine trial at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust (OUH). The trial, led locally by Dr Ketan Shah, consultant clinical oncologist at OUH, marks a significant milestone in the national cancer vaccine advance.

Researchers characterise the landscape of somatic mutations among acid-base transporters in human cancers

A new paper lead by Oxford Cancer DPhil student Bobby White and Professor Pawel Swietach from DPAG’s Swietach Group explores the role that somatic mutations affecting plasma membrane acid-base transporters play in human cancer evolution.

Festive Science Image Competition Winners

Winners of the Medical Research Foundation's second Festive Science Image Competition, run in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC), have been announced today. Three winners were selected, with the Department of Oncology's Nathalie Lovgren and Iain Tullis winning third place for their entry 'Starry Winter Night'.

Oxford Cancer Precision Prevention Symposium – a recap

To celebrate the launch of the UK’s first CRUK clinical trials unit dedicated to cancer precision prevention in Oxford, we held a research symposium that highlighted the spectra of Cancer Precision Prevention clinical programmes across the UK.

Oxford Cancer hosts its first Spatial Biology Symposium

The event brought together researchers from across mathematical, statistical, data and biological sciences to discuss the current and future cutting-edge approaches to tissue pathology.

Cancer study seeks help from ethnic minority women

Women from ethnic minority backgrounds with a personal connection to breast cancer are being asked to join a new group to support a study aiming to improve patients’ experiences.

University of Oxford Awarded £3 Million to Establish HealthTech Research Centre

The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences wins an NIHR award for a new HealthTech Research Centre (HRC) to explore innovative Health Technology to enhance community and primary care.

What Matters Most to people with colorectal cancer? Oxford Cancer to host workshop on patient priorities.

Oxford Cancer is committed to supporting research that responds to the needs of people with cancer. We are working with groups of patients with different cancers to identify the ‘Top Ten’ issues that matter most to them. These lists of priorities will be shared with our research colleagues.

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