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We run on a three-stage consultation process, tailored to your unique project.

  • Stage One – First Contact. Partners are asked to submit a 1-2-page non-confidential synopsis highlighting the broad scope of the asset and its development position.
  • Stage Two – Introductory Tcon – 30-minute teleconference will then be held, led by a nominated member of the CPN to discuss project details and review any relevant data packages under CDA. The aim of this is to identify the central aims of the project and enable the tailoring of the review panel. [cost: free of charge]
  • Stage Three – Specialist Peer Review Meeting – A 2-3-hour meeting will then be held with a panel selected from our clinicians, facilities and laboratories. You’ll have a chance to present your clinical development plan in detail with subsequent Q&A for the panel to dig deeper into your data and plans. Each internal specialist will provide an overview of their thoughts on your programme and make initial suggestions for future directions based on their capabilities and expertise. This discussion will form the basis of a 3-5 page report summarising the panel’s feedback (includes signposting to internal or external facilities) within 2-3 weeks. [Cost: Administrative Fee to be negotiatied]

The ultimate desired outcomes of the process would be:

  • Translational and clinical peer review
  • Identification of Key Roadblocks & Solutions
  • Suggestion of Trial Enabling Studies & Steps
  • Sign-posted to commercial, academic partners or Oxford Cancer Facilitating Platforms able to deliver the proposed suggestion
  • Routes for potential proposals for grant/governmental funding bodies or investors
  • In-House Programme delivery options

Our process


For project enquiries please complete the Project Enquiry Document and send it to: