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GIF showing HALO technology at work


How do I access HALO?

Trained users will need to book time slots on Calpendo. Users can then access HALO via remote desktop whilst connected to MSD IT Services VPN. Note that this is different to Oxford University VPN. We will provide the remote desktop IP address, username and password upon booking.

HALO Introductory training

A basic overview of the HALO interface, analysis for cell detection, demonstration of the deep learning neural network

HALO Intermediate Training (Part 1)

AI tissue classification functionalities and how to get the best result, Setting up and using TMAs.

HALO Intermediate training (Part 2)

ISH-IHC and FISH-IF, Multiplex FL

HALO Advanced Training

Highplex FL and Spatial Analysis, Serial Stain Workflow/Registration, Batch Image Analysis and Exporting Data