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Join us and our co-hosts for this free virtual event on 28-29th April 2021 to hear the latest developments from international leaders in these fields


Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre, alongside Ludwig Cancer Research and the Oxford Centre for Early Cancer Detection, are co-hosting the Ludwig-Oxford Symposium on Cancer Early Detection and Epigenetics on 28 – 29 April 2021.

Registration is now open for an exciting programme of talks on the latest developments in cancer early detection and cancer epigenetics research.

Open to all – and suitable for scientists in basic, translational or clinical research – this free virtual event will bring together international leaders in these fields to discuss key advances and stimulate ideas.

Topics will include Early Detection TechnologiesRisk Stratification for Early Cancer DetectionChromatin and Cancerand Nucleic Acid Modifications and CancerSessions will run from approximately 15:00-19:00 (London)/10:00-14:00 (New York) each day.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Naomi Allen (University of Oxford)
  • Eleanor Barnes (University of Oxford)
  • Stephen B. Baylin (Ludwig Cancer Research, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
  • Shelley Berger (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Sangeeta Bhatia (Ludwig Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Chuan He (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Chicago)
  • Nada Jabado (McGill University)
  • Cigall Kadoch (Ludwig Cancer Research, Dana Farber Cancer Institute)
  • Kenneth W. Kinzler (Ludwig Cancer Research, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
  • Tony Kouzarides (University of Cambridge)
  • Nickolas Papadopoulos (Ludwig Cancer Research, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
  • Gillian Reeves (University of Oxford)
  • Jens Rittscher (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford)
  • Yang Shi (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford)
  • Chunxiao Song (Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford)

Please register for the event here.

Enquiries should be directed to


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