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CRUK Oxford Centre Development Fund

Oxford Internal Funding

The Development Fund is the CRUK Oxford Centre’s annual Pump Prime Funding Scheme. Pump-priming funds of up to £15,000 are available to Oxford cancer researchers and clinicians to support innovative, proof-of-concept cancer research.

Human Immune Discovery Initiative

Oxford Internal Funding

The Human Immune Discovery Initiative, from the University of Oxford Immunology Network, aims to improve accessibility to immunological assays and expertise for all researchers across the University. Awards up to £15,000 and £50,000 are available to researchers across disciplines for their immunology projects.

Medical Science Division Funding Directory

Oxford Internal Funding

The Medical Science Division at the University of Oxford provides a wide range of career, DPhil and support funding, which might be of interest to Oxford cancer researchers. You can find a full list of MSD funding in their directory here.

The University Challenge Seed Fund

Oxford Internal Funding

The University Challenge Seed Fund scheme aims to assist Oxford researchers in transforming their research into business, to bring university research discoveries to a point where their commercial usefulness can be demonstrated and the first steps taken to ensure their utility. The primary focus is the exploitation of science and engineering research outcomes, with funding up to £250,000 available.

Departmental PER Seed Fund

Oxford Internal Funding

The Departmental Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund is open to any University of Oxford individual who is representing a department or faculty. Projects funding between £1500 - £4000 is available to support activities and projects that build research staff and research student capacity in Public Engagement with Research.

The Oxford Seed Fund (OSF)

Oxford Internal Funding

A student-led venture capital fund helping Oxford researchers make a difference through their ventures. The fund invests up to £50,000 in two top Oxford-affiliated startups, and provide them with the network and support they need to scale.