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Three images in a row: two of bacteria and virus cells, one of someone holding a vial and needle containing treatment


The mission of the Oxford Cancer Immuno-Oncology Network (OCION) Funding Scheme is to pump-prime innovative Oxford-based immuno-oncology research and build capacity in cancer immunology.

OCION will provide small, short-term awards that will enable the development of proof-of-concept projects, technologies, assays and platforms to a stage at which more long-term external funding can be sought. We would also welcome proposals that build our capabilities in data analytics and integration.

Collaborative projects that cross discipline boundaries are encouraged. Fundamental science and clinical research proposals are welcome. 

This year we have an additional pot of money reserved for projects that generate synergy between the BRC cancer and vaccine themes. 

Eligibility and how to apply

The 2024 OCION Funding Scheme is now open! 

 The lead applicant must be:

  • an OCION member (email to join);
  • employed by either the University of Oxford or OUH NHS Trust;
  • a postdoc, clinical trainee or independent principal investigator with a contract extending beyond the Award end date.

To be successful applications should:

  1. demonstrate genuine integration of immunology and cancer research;
  2. demonstrate clear line of sight to translation;
  3. be informed by patient and public involvement (all applications will be reviewed by OC patient advocates);
  4. increase Oxford’s immuno-oncology capacity;
  5. be used to leverage follow-on external funding.

Maximum amount per award: £20,000. Salaries will only be funded on exception, and equipment up to £5000.

Award length: up to 12 months.

Deadline: 5pm Wednesday 11th September

To apply please see further details in the OCION Funding Scheme guidance document and complete the application form