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Sandie Wellman

Senior Research Nurse

Sandie has been working in oncology and haematology research since July 1999. Within her role she is responsible for promoting clinical research within the patient care pathways. She is responsible for informing patients and research staff about current research taking place in Oxford.

With a diverse nursing background, Sandie joined the Early phase trials team as a research nurse, then became the Senior nurse, having many job titles and responsibilities over the years, Sandie’s role  is now leading clinical research nursing and research governance across the Oncology and Haematology Directorate.

As part of her role for Oxford Cancer, Sandie visits patient support groups, the local Maggie’s Centre and is happy to support public events including international clinical trials day in an effort to increase both understanding of and participation in clinical trials. She is interested in improving public and patient involvement in research by raising awareness of the impact a lay perspective can have in all aspects of trial design and delivery.

Sandie works within the Oxford Cancer and Haematology Centre and hopes to have a major influence on making clinical research  part of every patients treatment pathway, including improving PPI in Oxford going forward, leading on recruitment of laypeople to work alongside researchers, aiming to improve the relevance of research as well as improving accessibility through improved written and verbal communication, and more palatable research design.


  • The Oxford Cancer Public & Patient Involvement Panel
  • Patient Engagement in Research or Public Relations
  • cancer clinical trials and research participation amongst the general public and those wishing to be considered for trial entry
  • Raising the profile of the importance of, and increase patient and public involvement in cancer research design
  • Senior clinical support for research teams