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Areas of Interest

  • Early Detection
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Mental Health of Cancer Patients
  • Cancer treatment best practice
  • Very happy to contribute to projects outside the areas above

Sally Jeans

Experience: Blood Cancer

Sally’s Experience

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January 2017. After 8 months of chemotherapy I went onto remission but relapsed in November 2018. I went on a new course of chemotherapy treatment for 15 months which was followed by a Stem Cell Transplant in March 2020.  I am now in remission again and hoping to stay so for a long time!

Experience with Cancer Research

Since 2018 I’ve worked as a PPI contributor with a range of nationals organisations such as Myeloma UK, NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) UKMRA (UK Myeloma Research Association) and also regional groups such as the Oxford Blood Group and local Myeloma support groups.

My experience as a PPI representative covers:

  • Commenting on and giving feedback on research funding application
  • Participating in a Patient Advisory Group for clinical trials
  • Reviewing lay summaries
  • Editing Patient Information Sheets
  • Membership of committees focussing on improving patient experience
  • Presenting the patient perspective in meetings and forums