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Areas of Interest

  • Screening, prevention and early diagnosis
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Basic Science
  • Very happy to contribute to projects outside the areas above

Patrick McGuire

PPI Patient Co-Lead, Experience: Bowel Cancer

Patrick's Experience

My wife died from bowel cancer, aged 52, after being misdiagnosed three times and ultimately diagnosed following admission to hospital through A&E.

Experience with Cancer Research 

My involvement began with Cancer Research UK as a cancer campaigns ambassador. This involves influencing MPs and raising awareness with the public of campaigns to get the government to introduce legislation to improve cancer outcomes.

Several years experience of Patient and Public Involvement, including:

  • CRUK Involvement Network – membership of various forums, panels and strategic groups
  • Member of CRUK Grand Challenges Advocacy Panel – £20 million grants to international teams of researchers
  • CRUK Cancer Campaigns Ambassador – political lobbying/campaigning often focused on prevention and early diagnosis
  • Oxford Cancer Research Patient and Public Advisory Group – feeding back to researchers on proposals and Lay Summaries; patient member of group submitting research bid.
  • Member of NHS Cancer Programme Patient and Public Voices Panel
  • Member of Francis Crick Institute Patient Advisory Panel
  • Former Senior Education Adviser – research, analytical skills, evaluative writing and reporting experience.