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The Bioinformaticians in the team have expertise in handling NGS sequencing data and analysis and interpretation.  Their expertise is in creating pipelines for processing raw data and interpretation. This includes:

  • Whole genome sequencing analysis of leukaemia, lymphomas and solid tumours
  • Tailored pipelines for ctDNA analysis:
    • error corrected sequencing,
    • comprehensive WGS, panel, germline, tumour, tumour normal subtractions
  • Pipeline for SNVs, copy number, abnormality, structural variants, genomic complexity detection
  • Dedicated methods for ctDNA analysis that incorporate error correction and increased sensitivity on liquid biopsies
  • Cloud-based platforms to share raw data and secondary files, BAMS, VCF as required
  • Assistance with variant interpretation
  • Reporting to clinical grade standard and specified turn-around times at additional cost.