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Mark Brooke

DPhil, Institute of Radiation Oncology

Project: Modelling patient outcomes in treatment planning system by incorporating biological factors in radiation therapy treatment planning

Before coming to Oxford, Mark undertook a BSc in High Performance Computational Physics at the University of Adelaide including an exchange year at the University of Hong Kong. During this time he carried out a project in Medical Physics – testing a new inverse optimisation algorithm for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) which resulted in a publication. Mark’s DPhil is funded by the Clarendon Committee and the CRUK Oxford Centre.

Why Oxford?

In addition to Oxford having strongly established itself in radiobiology research, the university offers great opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, both internally and externally.

Any tips or advice for future students?

Do not be intimidated by Oxford or feel like an imposter here, keep a healthy work-life balance and don’t let your work define who you are.

And finally, what are your plans beyond your DPhil?

I am looking to work in industry to help translate new technologies in radiotherapy and medical physics to the clinic.