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A new pan-divisional initiative has launched at the University of Oxford. Bringing together the collective force of cancer research, outreach and care that happen across the city of Oxford.

Oxford Cancer Logo

Today Oxford Cancer launches at the University of Oxford – a new pan-divisional research theme that has been established to support researchers across the city of Oxford in solving the key challenges in cancer research. Through this network, Oxford is tackling the biggest questions and highlights Oxford’s commitment to cancer as one of its strategic research themes.

Cancer remains the second leading cause of death worldwide, with an estimated 10 million cancer mortalities in 2020 alone. It continues to be a barrier to increasing life expectancy in every country of the world.

Oxford has over 900 cancer researchers based across the University and Hospitals Foundation Trust, with academic strengths in a wide variety of areas, including immunology, data science, cell biology, physical science & drug development. Bringing together this expertise is what Oxford Cancer aims to do, in order to facilitate multi-disciplinary research across its partners. It ultimately aims to solve the key challenges cancer represents through developing and delivering novel strategies for early detection and curative treatment of a range of different cancer types. This approach will be informed by the latest fundamental scientific discoveries and underpinned by world leading data science and technological developments that are unique to Oxford.


Through Oxford Cancer, our mission is to enable and combine the best research and clinical resources in order to innovate cancer treatment and care world-wide. We aim to do this through discovery, collaboration and education – and empowered by the strategic leadership and world-leading facilities here in Oxford. - Professor Tim Elliott, co-Director, Oxford Cancer. 

Holding Devise


With over 900 researchers across 20+ departments and 5 University & OUH divisions, cancer research is everywhere in Oxford. We are very excited to launch the new Oxford Cancer network, with the aim of bringing together all those with a shared interest in cancer, to address urgent and emerging cancer patient needs, informed by the best basic science. - Professor Mark Middleton, co-Director, Oxford Cancer

We encourage you to explore our new website, which features:

  • A variety of researcher support services available to Oxford researchers and our partners, to help break down barriers to accessing key research expertise, find new funding avenues and enhance the patient impact of their work.
  • Our themes page which highlights Oxford’s academic strengths across disciplines, and how they are being brought together & applied to four cancer themes: Early Detection, Novel Therapeutics, Developments in Immuno-oncology & Cancer Big Data.
  • A news section with updates on work from across the Oxford Cancer community
  • and much more

For more information about the background and motivations behind Oxford Cancer, please check out our launch FAQs below.


We consider any Oxford-based researcher or support staff part of Oxford Cancer, if their work contributes to a world where cancers are found earlier and treated more effectively. This includes anyone within the University of Oxford and Oxford University NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust (OUH).

We also have an official membership and mailing list that has been around since the establishment of the cancer centre in 2010. This membership is 900+ members strong, and you can email us at if you want to check if you are already on the list (all members will receive our monthly newsletter as well, unless you have requested to unsubscribe from it).

It is through this membership that we help empower, innovate, and communicate with Oxford cancer researchers. We recommend you sign up to take advantage of this membership and everything it offers. Sign up and more information can be found here:

Oxford Cancer is a natural evolution of the existing Centre. It will serve to establish a University-wide strategy and help coordinate and communicate with Oxford cancer researchers, independent of funding body. As well as facilitate research within Oxford in line with strategic goals that are unique and specific to Oxford’s cancer research strengths.

There are many individuals who consider themselves cancer researchers, or contributors to cancer research, across Oxford. The Oxford Cancer existing membership has over 900 academics between the University and OUH, and Oxford Cancer hopes to provide a unified hub for research facilitation and support. You can find a breakdown of this membership in the infographic below.

Oxford Cancer's membership broken down in an infographic.

Cancer Research UK remains an important and key funder of cancer research in Oxford, and facilitator of some of Oxford Cancer’s major projects – including the Development Fund and DPhil in Cancer Science Programme.

The CRUK Oxford Centre has its own website (although we hope to upgrade the hosting platform in the future) – which contains information related specifically to programmes funded by CRUK.

We hope that Oxford Cancer and the new website will be appealing to all researchers who associate with cancer in Oxford.

Strategic directorship is co-led by Prof Mark Middleton and Prof Tim Elliott who provide guidance on an Oxford-wide strategy from a clinical and fundamental research perspective.

Day-to-day operation of Oxford Cancer is run by a dedicated team of individuals – who you probably already know or worked with. They will continue the work they already do, just under the new title of Oxford Cancer.

Meet the team.

Oxford Cancer provides a face to the collective cancer research happening in Oxford – helping to facilitate and coordinate new collaborations, external partnerships, and programmes that contribute to a city-wide cancer strategy. 

In addition we also offer Oxford-based researchers a wide variety of facilities and support to help take their research to the next level. We are continuing to set up new initiatives that enhance the work of researchers across the city, facilitate its application for cancer patient benefit and support the training the next generation of cancer researchers.

Finally, we hope that our members will feel like they are part of a community through our brand, contributing to a collective vision: world where cancers are found earlier and treated more effectively.

Our membership already includes a high number of OUH clinicians and staff, and OUH staff are welcome to register for membership as Oxford-based cancer researchers. 

Oxford Cancer works between the University of Oxford and key partners such as the Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust, helping to bridge the gap between fundamental research and translating discoveries into real-world applications with patient benefits. Subsequently, many of our programmes involve investments in OUH.

We always welcome engagement from our members – be it a new collaboration opportunity, project or challenge to be overcome. We encourage you to reach out to us at to see how we can support your research its potential.

If you want to hear more about what Oxford Cancer does and can do for you, we communicate with the Oxford community via: