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GambitBio is developing an at-home lateral flow test to screen for the most common cancers, empowering people to take control of their health and reduce the number of cancer-related deaths. CRUK recently interviewed CEO, Tiffany Ma, who co-founded the venture while completing her DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Tiffany began her PhD in The Department of Oncology in 2018. GambitBio was launched in 2023 as part of her entry for University of Oxford’s All-Innovate business idea competition.

Speaking to CRUK about the venture, Tiffany said: 'GambitBio exists to push for early detection and reduce the number of cancer-related deaths. We want people to be able to detect what is wrong earlier so clinicians can intervene and treat the problem sooner. Early detection can give people up to 95% survival rate over a 10-year period for certain cancer types.'

Read the full interview with Tiffany on the Cancer Research Horizon's website

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