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Waseem Qureshi

Research Data Integration and Software Developer

Waseem is responsible for designing and implementing data integration pipelines, enhancing data quality and enabling informed - decision making through analysis & data visualization for clinical trials.

These clinical trials collect clinical data, RNASeq, Methylation, WGS, Single Cell, Spatial Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Immuno-Fluorescence, MRI, H&E, IHC imaging data. Additionally, Waseem creates deep learning and machine learning algorithms for AI analysis (classification and segmentation) across a range of image types, including MRI, WSI, H&E, and others.

Contact Waseem for 

  • Metformin in Li Fraumeni (MILI) Trial
  • Metformin Trial
  • AI analysis of Image-Based Consensus Molecular Subtyping (imCMS Deep Learning Model)