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Oxford University (OU) and Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust (OUH) are home to some of the world’s leading clinical, translational and fundamental cancer researchers with expertise and experience critical for the effective and efficient clinical development and implementation of novel cancer diagnostic and treatment products.

The Clinical Positioning Network utilises this expertise to provide tailored peer review of clinical development strategies and CMO-level advice on positioning products for the UK and international oncology market. This is comprised of an initial three-stage consultation process.

Areas we can help include: 
Clinical Positioning Oncology Indication Selection
Clinical Genetics and ctDNA
Histopathology Diagnostics & Digital Pathology
First-in-man Studies of Agents with Complex Toxicology
Formulation Strategy
Linking with Patient Groups
Protocol Development & Costing
Statistics Input
Routes to Access Charity, Government and Investor Funding
Clinical Implementation Opportunities
Peer Review
Immune-monitoring and Ex-Vivo Studies


Our Research Facilities

In addition to a range of fundamental and discovery research expertise spanning 170 independent academic research groups, clinical development support is provided through the following groups and laboratories.

  • Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre – ISO accredited clinical genetic facility providing services from whole genome sequencing and targeted panels on tumour, sorted cells and cfDNA.
  • Translational Histopathology Laboratory – GCP standard translational pathology and histopathology services including immunohistochemistry, multi-plex immunofluorescence staining, digital analysis and clinical pathologist review.
  • Immune-monitoring – a range of deep phenotyping assays including flow cytometry, CyTOF, proteomics, and microbiome analysis.
  • Single Cell Facility  – semi-automated single cell RNA and DNA sequencing using a range of off the shelf and bespoke assays.
  • Oncology Clinical Trials Office and Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit – trial design, protocol development, regulatory affairs, statistics, and trial execution.
  • Human Tissue Laboratory – specialising in ex vivo analysis of fresh tumour biopsies and tissue fluid to advance pre-clinical research and translational science.
  • Target Discovery Institute - High Throughput Cellular Screening Assays, small compound and genetic (RNAi/CRISPR) screenings, phenotypic and high content screens, target validation, novel therapeutic combination strategies.

  • Centre for Medicine Discovery – Target identification, Hit Development and Lead Optimization.



For project enquiries please complete the Project Enquiry Document and send it to: