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Mari-lenna Issaias

Research Facilitator & Project Manager

Mari-lenna is an experienced professional administrator and project manager who contributes towards the strategic direction, overall leadership, and management of translational research. With a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MBA, she is involved in supporting a diverse range of research activity across the Oxford Cancer network.

In addition to funder reporting activities and driving forward  collaborative networks across the University to develop and support cutting edge cancer research, Mari-lenna is closely involved with developing policies and strategies to deliver on the operational management of complex programmes such as Patient Sample Collection and the management of the Translational Histopathology Laboratory (THL).  Along with problem solving activities, Mari-lenna works on delivering successful collaboration within the University, Trust, and external organisations to support our team portfolio of research infrastructure.

CONTACT MERI-LENNA FOR                            

  • Translational Histopathology Laboratory Services
  • Halo Image Analysis Platform Access and Training
  • Sample Collection Services – Oesophageal, Colorectal and Pancreatic
  • Endoscopic Tissue Collection Support